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Comprehensive Landscape Architecture

Metes & Bounds Landscape Design is a landscape architecture and construction firm primarily servicing Northern Virginia and the surrounding area.


We are inspired by nature, architecture, and our clients. There is Quality in the site, Quality in the architecture, and Quality in our clients. As designers our job is to first find the Quality, and then express that Quality through design and construction.

Construction Management

Successful construction management is an extension of a successful design process. All of our construction projects are managed by the landscape architect, insuring adherence to budgets as well as adherence to the design intent.


Stoney Hill


Old Aldie Rectory

Clearwater Farm

Cedar Hill

Four Winds

Private Residence





After an initial meeting we will submit a proposal outlining a Scope of Service specific to a particular need. Most of our services occur in fairly distinct phases to which our clients are only committed one at a time. Our role, and initially the role of the design process, is to facilitate our client’s ability to make the best possible decisions. We do this by answering questions, making suggestions, providing budget information, and recommending a course of action to suit each situation. Midway through the process our task is to design spaces that are unique, highly attractive, and according to standards of Quality that have been practiced for centuries. The final stage in the process insures that the design is implemented to our high standards of craftsmanship in keeping with the design intent.


Metes & Bounds Landscape Design was established in 2004 as a landscape architecture firm dedicated to providing full-service landscape architecture and construction. Because we're an independent landscape architecture firm we are able to offer construction services that are more flexible and more cost-effective than those offered by most landscape contractors. Because we're also a construction company we are committed to the successful implementation of everything we design. The result is that our projects are consistently successful and our clients completely satisfied.